Why Choose Tom Hawkins?

Communication Skills: Discovering what exactly the clients aspires to gain from the photo shoot is of utmost importance. Making sure that both client and photographer are on the same page beforehand is a very important element to a successful photo shoot.

Top Quality Photography: The most important asset of Tom Hawkins Photography is the one hundred percent commitment to the creation of timeless images. Revealing beauty in all of its forms is of the utmost importance and is the key driving force to this lifetime commitment to the photographic arts.

Disarming and Affable: Anyone who has met Tom knows that he is very easy to get along with and immediately puts one at ease and on a friendly level.

" Excellent Interpersonal skills are what have helped me achieve carefree and natural images. If the subject is not comfortable and relaxed, it will show in the photos."

Energetic: An undying energy is evident in each and every photo shoot enabling the photo session to have an aura of magic and wonderment.

Not Creepy: It's sad to have to state the obvious, but many low level photographers have soiled the reputation of sincere photographers. Tom Hawkins values his reputation as a professional and carries himself accordingly.




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